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So last night i was gaming on-line (x-box) Using my headphones pluged into my receiver. I noticed the volume was randomly changing (decreasing). I thought that i noticed it before but wasn't sure. It seems that, randomly the sound will decrease sometimes for a few seconds or minutes and it happens as often as every few minutes.

I recently bought the LG 60PK950 (about 6-8 months ago), im worried it might be a cause by the TV. As i said before i have noticed the problem before but i never made note of weather the Surround was on or not or if i was just watching Cable or playing a game or a movie etc.

To break my system down...
The X-Box (the newest model) is hooked up to the TV via HDMI (monster cable), The Blu-ray (LG BD370C) is hooked up to the TV via HDMI (Nextec cable), The Shaw cable box (not HD) is hooked up via coax (i think thats what its called), The TV has an optical out to the Receiver (cheap crappy RCA home theater in a box type) via Monster optical cable. Again the TV is the LG 60PK950.

Im not sure if its the surround or the TV that is the problem or a cable...naturally i hope its not the TV although it is under warranty. I dont want to have to buy any new cables just to test it out. It did happen when i was playing the X-box and the sound was coming from the receiver via my headphones. I figure the odds of it comming from the TV or X-box (due to the fact that their both reputable products and less than a year old) is unlikely. Would it be the cables? The HDMI to the TV and the Optical from TV to Receiver are Monster. Ive heard negative things about Monster could that be the problem? or would it be the RCA Receiver. I paid about $300 for it and speakers about 4 years ago.

Any ideas what it might be? I have only experienced this latley which is why im not ruling out anything. The only thing that is more than a year old is the Surround. BTW...the computer is also hooked up to the REceiver via (small) head phone jack/analog (red & white). I don't seem to have problems that ive noticed (computer is also older). Suggestions would be great.

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Check out the following thread on running audio "through" a TV. As discussed there in bold, it's not really recommended. What happens if you connect your devices (even temporarily) directly to the HTiB?

You need to try to isolate the source of the problem - device, TV, HTiB. It's probably not the cable. The TV may be affecting the outgoing audio, or the HTiB could be faulty.
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