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Hi Folks,

I'm looking at a 9242 for a Buddy, and he's got a least 2 of the Caps bulging. Do you know of any repair shop in the Metro Vancouver area who fixes these receivers?

Thanks for the assist.

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Hi. Has anyone had to change the caps in the tuner section of the 9400
(won't lock onto SAT signals)?

Does somebody have a pic of the 9400 mainboard?

I'm thinking the tuner area would be similar to the 6400.

Some additional locations to monitor:

same locations as 6141 as mainboards are similar

C12 100uf 25V on PSU PCB

C363 1200uf 6.3V (low profile)
C394 1200uf 6.3V (low profile)
C5, C6, C17, C21, or C58 2700uf 16V (rarely, sometimes 1 or two of those) on PSU PCB
C31 1000uf 200V (very rare) on PSU PCB

Of course, if you see any caps that are Teapo brand
in the tuner section or a power supplying section, they
should be changed even if they look good. Also, keep
an eye on Jamicon brand. Bell used better quality brands
later, but even those can go (and it's obvious when it occurs).

The 100uf ones are a pain to change as they are double-sided soldered on mainboard.
I would leave them unless you can't lock onto SAT signals mentioned above, after
changing the other recommended ones first.

Another suggestion from other online techs is to use
a min. 16V rated replacement cap, ones of lower voltage have
less reliable output. And also do not last as long. However,
I have continued using low ESR (mentioned on post #20)
long life Panasonic 820uf 6.3V ones successfully.

It also seems that people that have used a power inserter & SW44, or SW21 combiner/switch, etc. (vs straight from the LNBs to receiver SAT inputs) since the start - the tuner section caps last longer. Along with a quality surge protector. Just fixed a 9241 that was over 10yrs old (but left the 100uf ones alone) and it's working fine.

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