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You've tried some good troubleshooting steps and confirmed that it's probably not the card but the camcorder.

I have a Elura and the pictures are not very usable (but I do have high standards) so you might just want to ignore the error and not use it for stills.

The alternative is sending it in to Canon for service which that can be an expensive proposition. Here is the URL for Canon Canada's repair quote. For the Elura 100 they want a minimum of $149 + taxes and shipping. Money probably better spent, in the case of a camcorder, on a new model. I hate disposable technology.

One possibility might be that the SD card contacts in the unit are dirty. First try inserting and removing a SD card 30 or 40 times to see if that helps. As a last resort, understanding that this might damage the unit, with the battery removed and the unit powered down you might try to gently clean the contacts with a really fine (grit 240 or greater) piece of emery cloth wrapped around something slim (like a plastic knife from a fast food place).

So, you can live with it, spend the minimum of $149 to have Canon look at it, or try to clean the contacts accepting that you may FUBAR the unit.


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