If being locked into a 3-year cell phone contract infuriates you to no end and you'd really like to take it out on the wireless providers, the CRTC has an open ear.

Several hundred Canadians took advantage of a public consultation and wrote in to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission as part of a proposed code of conduct for the country's wireless industry.

The issue most on the minds of those who responded: 36-month cell phone contracts should be banned. Waiting three years to upgrade mobile phones, extending contracts to get a new phone before term or paying hefty cancellation fees, while on contract, to sign on with another provider with a better offer, are all bothersome elements of the 3-year deals.

Now that the first round of consultation has closed, the regulator will likely issue a draft code sometime in January. A second round of online consultation and public hearings will follow, starting in February 2013.

Another issue of concern was the lack of competition. New wireless entrants including WIND, Mobilicity, Public Mobile and Videotron account for a mere 4 percent of Canada's 27-million wireless subscribers and combined for just 2 percent of overall revenues in 2011.

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