If you feel slighted about having no input about where cellphone towers are placed in your city, things are looking up.

Mobile phone service providers will begin to discuss where cellphone towers will be placed with both individual homeowners and municipalities.

"Telecommunications carriers have agreed for the first time to notify municipalities of all antennas being installed before their construction, regardless of height, and to undertake full public consultation for towers under 15 meters — whenever deemed necessary by the municipality," said the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association in a news statement.

Developed by the CWTA and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), the Joint Antenna System Siting Protocol aims to "find common sense solutions to the challenge of building Canada’s digital infrastructure while respecting local land use preferences and community concerns."

Many Canadians have registered complaints that cellphone towers are eyesores, create electronic interference and even cause some health problems.

With traffic on some Canadian mobile networks growing five percent a week and more than 26 million Canadians using mobile phones or tablets on a regular basis, wireless infrastructure installation and maintenance is becoming even more critical.

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