Are you a marathon TV viewer?

If you've watched three or more TV episodes or two or more movies back-to-back, put yourself in the marathon TV pack and note that you're in good company.

More than 80 percent of Canadians have watched multiple episodes of TV shows with many reporting watching more than five hours on a weekday and almost seven hours on a weekend, according to the latest Rogers Innovation Report, specifically addressing television viewing habits.

More interesting perhaps is that nine out of 10 adults 34 years and under watch TV content on smartphones, tablets or laptops. In fact, 71 percent of all respondents said they tune into their favourite TV shows on these devices.

"Canadians have an insatiable appetite for compelling content and technology is driving a transformation in how we consume entertainment. Viewers are diving deeper into plots and storylines, pressing play on one episode after another," said David Purdy, senior vice-president, content, Rogers Communications. "We've become entertainment multi-taskers, using smartphones and tablets to stream content, and to stay plugged into social media."

Rogers found that the average Canadians watches about 22 hours of TV a week with one in 10 racking 40 hours. But many are multi-tasking while viewing. More than one-third use a second screen to seek out online information about a program, while one in five use their secondary screen to monitor social media activity with one in five texting friends in the mix.

The bedroom continues to be a popular place to take in TV shows as more than half of those watching on a smartphone or tablet continue to watch TV in bed, while eight out of 10 will sacrifice sleep to keep watching.

More than 1,200 Canadians participated in the survey between April 3 and April 8, 2013. See the results in this infographic .

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