A Canadian town launched the latest in Progressive Web App Technology this month to engage with its local residents. The Town of Tecumseh, located in Ontario, Canada worked with InspireHUB Canada (a subsidiary of InspireHUB Technologies, the creator of the IHUBApp) to create a personalized web app experience for its residents.

"Progressive Web Apps are particularly well-suited to meeting the needs of cities and towns with their compliance requirements and their needs for citizen engagement," explains Karolyn Hart, COO of InspireHUB Technologies.

"The Town of Tecumseh is always looking at new ways to reach residents and continue to communicate the work we do for them. We have three main priorities to engage our residents: communication, compliance, and reach," explains Mayor Gary McNamara of Tecumseh.

"When we learned about the IHUBApp and saw that residents controlled their app experience by joining the channels they are interested in, we felt that was a game changer.”

The IHUBApp comes standard with a number of features and tools aimed at increasing the engagement between residents, administration and elected officials.

Residents who use it have the ability to: participate in real-time polls and surveys, register for events, create private channels for sensitive communications like economic development files, determine the frequency of notifications, use fundraising and volunteer management tools, and upload their own content for sharing through the app.

The Tecumseh App can be accessed by visiting www.tecumsehapp.ca in your mobile browser and following the prompts to add to your home screen.

To request a tour or view a sample of the IHUBApp for cities visit: www.inspirehub.com/mycity .