This week, Canadian Tire introduced a new app for consumers that serves as a mobile credit card, a store loyalty card and a hockey game, all in one.

The new mPay & Play mobile app is available to all holders of Canadian Tire’s Options MasterCard. Users can pay for Canadian Tire store purchases, redeem loyalty points, unlock “badges” to collect bonus digital Canadian Tire money and play the digital game for fun. The game, says Eugene Roman, the retailer’s chief technology officer, is aimed at connecting with those customers who use their phones to perform price comparisons while shopping in stores.

“We believe that ‘shoppertainment’ — entertaining our customers while they shop — is a useful thing,” he says.

This new app comes on the heels of a digital app and wallet card that was introduced by Canadian Tire last October. The digital loyalty program now has seven million users and ties Canadian Tire Money with customers’ purchase information in a way that the store’s long-used classic paper coupons did not.

Cam Thomson, digital marketing manager at Canadian Tire Financial Services, said the app’s gaming element could evolve to allow users to earn loyalty badges for playing the game.

“We definitely have strategic thoughts about how we could take that game and make it about more than just killing time,” he said.

Canadian Tire, which was founded in 1922, has 490 stores across Canada.