Three Canadian media heavyweights have joined forces to create their own online digital advertising platform.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Rogers Media and Shaw Media will be forming the Canadian Premium Audience Exchange (CPAX) to provide potential clients a private real-time bidding platform for digital advertising inventory.

Scheduled to launch May 16, CPAX will offer advertising inventory across more than 100 top domains in both English and French, with a market reach of more than 15 million Canadians. More importantly, it offers advertisers an opportunity to reach a specific demographic based on CPAX information gleaned from monitoring website activity.

The companies will only release a portion of their existing inventory with the pooled amount flowing to CPAX for bidding among agency partners, who have first access before it's open to other customers.

"CPAX provides a brand safe environment that offers advertisers accurate targeting, transparency, cost efficiency, and massive reach," said Jason Tafler, Chief Digital Officer, Rogers Media. "With one bid, advertisers can access three distinct organizations' premium inventory at large scale for best value."

CPAX is powered by technology developed by AppNexus, or more specifically, a cloud-based ad serving platform which integrates with exchanges like Google's DoubleClick and Microsoft's AdECN.

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