While mobile carriers continue to reap the financial rewards from the increased use of wireless devices and the resulting data consumption, they still require additional chunks of spectrum to handle the volume.

On October 30th, the Minister of Industry, Christian Paradis said consultations are on the way to examine the use of spectrum for backhaul services, which will address the requirements for expanding broadband networks.

But increasing the supply of spectrum for wireless carriers is only one element of the government’s strategy to meet mobile broadband demand, said Paradis.

He adds: “We've already seen the marked improvement in efficiency between 3G and LTE. We need continued private sector investment in the latest technologies to make the best possible use of limited spectrum resources. Spectrum efficiency can also be improved by creating greater flexibility in how spectrum is shared. And so today I am announcing that we are opening up unused spectrum between TV channels the so-called "white space" for licence-exempt applications."

Using the white-spaces, or bits of spectrum between over-the-air broadcast TV channels, will help pave the way for low-cost Internet in rural areas and improving home WiFi access as well as increased capacity of mobile phone networks.

Having spectrum to do more testing and scientific experimentation was also on the Industry Minister's agenda.

"Accordingly, I will soon be allocating spectrum for aircraft testing around 1.4 GHz, the so-called 'L-band.' This will ensure that our aerospace industry has the spectrum it needs to remain a world leader in testing and certifying new aircraft,” Paradis announced.

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