This month, Canada will be taking the stage at Apple Music’s Beats 1 online streaming radio station for 5 consecutive Saturdays.

The show, which will start at 2 pm ET, kicked off last weekend with George Stroumboulopoulos at the helm.

According to online reports, Beats 1 has held “takeovers” in the past from both Australia and Japan, and this is Canada’s first time at the helm.

Described as “part entertainment, part education,” the radio sessions run for an hour and provide a spotlight for a nation's artists to share their talent with listeners tuning in around the world.

Zane Lowe , Beats 1’s flagship DJ and a former BBC Radio 1 host for more than 10 years, told the Financial Post he feels Canada has an exciting landscape in music.

“Beats 1 is for the music fans,” Lowe said.

“We are very committed to the idea of breaking new music and artists, and really feel there is exciting new music being made…We came to Canada from the point of view of us benefiting. It really wasn’t a case of ‘How can we help?’” he added, “it was more like, ‘How can you help us get this music across to a global audience and make us sound even more exciting.’”

Listeners can tune in to listen to Canada’s music at 2 pm with the following hosts on Beats 1:

Josie Dye with artists from Dine Alone Records (July 9 th) Coeur de Pirate and  Dare To Care Records (July 16)

Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew representing  Arts & Crafts Productions (July 23)

Metric’s Emily Haines with  Last Gang Records (July 30)