Love looking for the latest deals on your commute home from work? You’re not alone. A new study performed by PayPal Canada and Ipsos has revealed that up to 14% of people commuting with a connected phone shop while they are traveling on transit.

PayPal obviously has a vested interest in doing this study but the results are telling, and maybe something the transit commissions should look at. (Need more fares, TTC?)

Here it is: while 14% are already shopping, a whooping 76% of Canadians surveyed said that they would consider buying a wide-range of products if mobile shopping options were easily available on their transit commute.

And people are already buying a lot. The study reports that commuter commerce consumers spend an average of $529 per month, per person (!) buying a range of items from movie tickets to clothing, shoes and accessories.

Why do people do it? According to the study, 71% of connected commuters like to browse their favourite stores while in transit, and 69% of commuters like the allure of shopping on a smartphone while on the bus because it’s a great time saver.

PayPal says that, given the gap between current commuter commerce users and those who would like to shop while commuting but aren’t, the amount of people shopping while in transit could increase five-fold if mobile shopping options while commuting were more easily available.

"PayPal predicts that whether it's gifts or groceries, commuter commerce will boom in Canada as savvy commuters use their time efficiently to shop from their smartphone while on the move," says Kerry Reynolds, Head of Consumer Marketing, PayPal Canada.

Time for better connectivity, all round?