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Stay away from Philips DVD Recorders

If I were you I would stay away from buying a Philips DVD Recorder.
I bought one and it was bad, it didn't want to record on the disks.
Tried several different types of disks and took it in for service and it had to be replaced.
I know somebody else who bought two of them,
both were different models and they both went bad within a one year period.
He ended up buying a Sony with the Hard Drive and component inputs.
I bought the Sony one as well and have absolutely no problems with it.

I also know one of my other friends bought one of the Panasonic recorders with the hard drive and after he had it six months it would fail the recording near the end of a long recording. He also ended up buying a Sony.

Just my opinion stay away from Philips recorders.

Best of Luck with whatever you decide to buy.
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