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My wife's 9100 BB can no longer receive emails from Eastlink. She is able to send though. I have deleted and readded it on the BIS, resent service books, deleted service book from device, rebooted a million times, just cannot get email on it. Web works, BIS on device says it's connected via Mobile, then I setup Wifi and not displaying Wifi but still no email. Bell tells me to call Eastlink, but webmail is working fine, outlooks gets the email instantly and yes, save messages on server is turned on :)

This all started out when it was taking 20 minutes or more for her to receive emails on eastlink or more and now as I write this her Hotmail appears to be non functional. I have registered again in the routing table, no help. I did setup her email on my 9800 and I was able to get messages but they take a while. It should NOT be delayed this much, 5 minutes, yes but 15-30, not acceptable.

One thing I should also note is I used the Torches manage emails, and signed in with her account and it said, different device detected email disabled, but when I go into the Bell BIS is shows the 9100 as the device, which is right.

Short of returning the phone within my 14 days, what else can I do?

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