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The boxes are pretty much locked to Primus, so unless the individual who purchases it is able to find a way to flash the firmware (easier said than done with these specific units) you are probably best selling it to a current Primus subscriber. If you've still got access to the TBB Portal, you could try advertising on there (there are a couple of existing sales threads), or perhaps someone on DHC is interested.

As long as you own the box your are free to sell it. Not every TBB subscriber purchased theirs outright, but if Primus has not requested that it be returned, then there's no reason you can't sell it. However, if it was an oversight on their part, they do have the right to bill you a significant amount for the cost of the device, if you do not return it. So you might want to double check (if you're not already sure it's yours).

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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