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With Optik TV, you can get Caller ID on TV even if you don't have phone service with Telus. Is it the same for Satellite TV?
Does one just have to plug the phone cable into the box from the wall outlet (of course assuming they have Caller id with their phone company, in this case Shaw).

Will the Caller Id on TV service work if TV is Telus Satellite and home phone is from Shaw?

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You must have TELUS phone and the caller ID feature for the caller ID to work with TELUS Satellite TV. The reciever must also be plugged into a phone jack.

The OptikTV service gets its caller ID info over its internet connection and requires no direct phone connection. In fact there isn't even a phone connection on an OptikTV STB.

Your Caller ID from Shaw may or may not work, plug your recievers telephone jack into a phone jack and see. It will work or not, but won't do anything to harm the reciever.

- another TELUS tech

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Actually with Telus Satellite I am sure you can use any companies home phone for the call display feature.

As Telus Satellite is really rebranded Bell Satellite - Bell Supports this feature (Relatives have Bell with Shaw home phone)

Here is a Bell FAQ:

Caller ID on your Bell Satellite TV

Now, when the phone rings while watching your favourite TV show, you can see who's calling without leaving your couch.

With the Call Display feature from Bell Satellite TV, the name and/or phone number of the caller appears on your television screen. You can decide if you want to answer the call or not. You can activate the Call Display option with your remote control by following these steps:

1. Press MENU
2. Select System Setup
3. Select Installation
4. Select Caller ID
5. Select Enable Caller ID
6. Then Save

Call Display is available on the following receiver models:


You must already subscribe to the Call Display service through your phone company and your receiver must be connected to the phone line for this feature to work.
If you can already order PPV, then you home phone is already hooked up to the system and maybe the steps above may work for you.

As Bell typically doesn't provide home phone in pretty much everywhere Shaw phone is available there should be no reason in that any phone company will work with them and only Telus with Telus. Optik TV is different to Telus Satellite though. Either way you have to have Call Display subscribed to.
The Telus Satellite FAQ at the website does have some limited info available.
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