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Calibration on different inputs

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Ok, I thought I kind of had this calibration thing figured out. I bought the DVD Essentials disc and calibrated my tv through a component input. I read a post earlier today by 57 that the settings for the DVD player and PVR can be significantly different.

So, how would I go about ensuring that I am getting the best pic quality through the other inputs?

This is what I have:
Shaw 6416 via HDMI
Non-upconverting DVD via component to AVR
Wii via component to AVR
AVR component to TV (for Wii and DVD)
TV is a Sony KDL40S2400
I have a regular xbox via composite that doesn't look quite right, but it is not a concern for me.
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In addition to what 57 said, for TV signals try to find broadcasts of colour test patterns. Many SD stations show these while off the air. For HD, HDnet schedules a series of patterns at least once a week. Showcase HD transmits a standard colour bar and PLUGE most mornings just before 6:00 (or maybe it's 7:00).

You can use these along with the glasses and instructions that you got with DVE to help calibrate your TV sources.
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