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Calibration on different inputs

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Ok, I thought I kind of had this calibration thing figured out. I bought the DVD Essentials disc and calibrated my tv through a component input. I read a post earlier today by 57 that the settings for the DVD player and PVR can be significantly different.

So, how would I go about ensuring that I am getting the best pic quality through the other inputs?

This is what I have:
Shaw 6416 via HDMI
Non-upconverting DVD via component to AVR
Wii via component to AVR
AVR component to TV (for Wii and DVD)
TV is a Sony KDL40S2400
I have a regular xbox via composite that doesn't look quite right, but it is not a concern for me.
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57...have you ever calibrated a Sony KDS-60a2000? What color temperature would you recommend? Is it just a myth that cooler temp helps maintain bulb life?

Also, I very often get haziness around letters when watching standard cable (Shaw Calgary, non-digital/HD) and also sometimes shows like the Simpsons have a color issue, like a badly printed comic in a newspaper, where the outline and the fill colors arent layered properly, and the colors seem to "extend" past their supposed borders, always towards the left side (hope that was clear) Any suggestions? It only happens with DVD/Bluray/PS3 do not have that issue. Thanks
Also, im currently reading another thread called 57 FAQ - What you need to know about your new HDTV.

Since mine is Lcos, theres no burn in issues, correct? Do you know if Blockbuster/Rogers in calgary carries the DVE disk?

Should I always set my tv to cinema/movie mode when watching DVD/BR to get the proper 2:3 pulldown? The settings for that input would also be used for games, since my PS3 does all of that.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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