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Calibration on different inputs

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Ok, I thought I kind of had this calibration thing figured out. I bought the DVD Essentials disc and calibrated my tv through a component input. I read a post earlier today by 57 that the settings for the DVD player and PVR can be significantly different.

So, how would I go about ensuring that I am getting the best pic quality through the other inputs?

This is what I have:
Shaw 6416 via HDMI
Non-upconverting DVD via component to AVR
Wii via component to AVR
AVR component to TV (for Wii and DVD)
TV is a Sony KDL40S2400
I have a regular xbox via composite that doesn't look quite right, but it is not a concern for me.
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57? Need help with calibration of TV and AVR

First of all, here is what I currently have:

Panasonic TH-42PX60U Plasma
HD Box (Motorola DCT6200 I think)
older DVD player (Samsung DVD-S221)

AVR is connected via HDMI to TV.
HD Box is connected via component to TV and via optical to AVR.
DVD is connected via component and optical to AVR.
PS3 is connected via HDMI to AVR.

My TV was first calibrated with the DVD connected to it via component (using AVIA). Now what I want to do is recalibrate everything according to current set up. Also, I believe everything is going into the AVR and/or TV at a max of 720p (I think it's the TV native resolution).

So my question is, since the AVR is processing everything less than 1080i/p and only passing through 1080i/p, how do I calibrate my TV considering the signal is going to be processed twice? Do I connect my DVD to the TV, calibrate, and then calibrate again with the DVD connected to the AVR? What about my HD box and PS3?

Please help, thanks.
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Thanks 57! Seems easy enough (albeit lengthy). I'll calibrate my TV first with my DVD connected directly to the it. It seemed to work well previously with the Motorola HD box. I'll do the DVD connected through the AVR next and then the PS3 last, without touching the previous settings for the TV. Sound right?
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