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Kind of a long shot, since this format is now dead as the dodo, but I'm purging my entire collection. :)

Important notice:
- Sold AS-IS. The HD-A1 seems to work fine based on my own tests (I watched a couple movies on it within the last month), but I can't guarantee that every disc will play flawlessly.
- HD DVD is a DEAD format. If you're buying this, please know what you're getting into!
- All HD DVD discs are region free!
- Many of the titles have alternate artwork created by enthusiasts. I'm including the original artwork for most, but not all of the titles, as a bunch were lost in the shuffle of life.
- Some titles have NO artwork, but ALL titles have their original red cases.
- I can include the HD-A1 box as well
- HD-A1 remote & power cable are included!

Price is $100 for the entire lot, including the player.
I will NOT sell individual titles on their own.

If anyone outside of Calgary is interested, I can ship to you, but you'll have to pay the entire cost of shipping, which might not make this a great deal for you. Your call.
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