There's a good chance that if you were checking for apps to locate nearby businesses, bars, gas stations, cinemas or restaurants, you found Poynt.

The free search app provides listings, directions and quick information based on your smartphone's GPS signal.

Canadians finally have the gas comparison function available on the app which allows them to see where the cheapest gas can be found close by. Users in the US have been enjoying that for over a year, but a recent partnership with GasBuddy in Canada made it a reality.  Poynt Corp. said the GasBuddy database has over 10,864 listings in Canada and gas prices are removed if they haven't been updated for 24 hours to ensure that prices displayed are accurate.

It's hardly surprising that Poynt has been downloaded nearly 15 million times from its wide userbase across Canada, the US, Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and recently India.

But the company needs to grow and China is the key, says Poynt Corp. CEO, Andrew Osis.

"It's the largest cellphone market in the world, is really the short answer," Osis said, in a Canadian Press report. "Certainly that market is going to be hotly contested in the future — they're expecting to have 230 to 250 million smartphones by the end of 2012 — and that's a significant userbase, no matter how you slice it."

Rather than focus on contextual and online advertising to generate revenue with the app as in other markets, Osis said the Chinese market will be targeted differently. Poynt Corp. plans to use subscription or transaction fees in China because it's a more acceptable model there.

Additionally, the company hopes to continue to sign deals with handset manufacturers to grow the number of users. Samsung currently preloads the app on its Galaxy line of tablets and smartphones, while Nokia has agreed to do the same for its products in India.

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