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HD Basic is free.

However, you won't get CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, TLC and all then other cable stations.

You just get CBC and the US networks.

This is the channels that are free in Thunder Bay

HD Basic 200 ABC Seattle HD (KOMO-HD)
HD Basic 201 CBS Seattle HD (KIRO-HD)
HD Basic 202 NBC Seattle HD (KING-HD)
HD Basic 203 FOX Seattle HD (KCPQ-HD)
HD Basic 204 PBS Detroit HD (WTVS-HD)
HD Basic 205 ABC Detroit HD (WXYZ-HD)
HD Basic 206 CBS Minneapolis HD (WCCO)
HD Basic 207 NBC Minneapolis HD (KARE)
HD Basic 208 FOX Rochester HD (WUHF-HD)
HD Basic 209 CBC Toronto HD (CBLT-HD)
HD Basic 212 The Frame HD
HD Basic 215 CNN HD

HD Plus is 16 bucks. Education/Sports/Entertainment are 10 bucks each.
HD Plus 210 CTV Toronto HD (CFTO-HD)
HD Plus(Education) 227 National Geographic HD
HD Plus(Education) 228 Discovery World HD
HD Plus(Education) 229 History HD
HD Plus(Education) 230 Oasis HD
HD Plus(Sports) 218 Sportsnet - Ontario HD
HD Plus(Sports) 219 TSN - HD
HD Plus(Sports) 220 TSN2 - HD
HD Plus(Sports) 221 Big Ten HD
HD Plus(Sports) 222 Score HD
HD Plus(Sports) 223 The Golf Channel HD
HD Plus(Sports) 224 SPEED HD
HD Plus(Entertainment) 233 A&E HD
HD Plus(Entertainment) 234 Showcase HD
HD Plus(Entertainment) 235 HDNET - HDNet
HD Plus(Entertainment) 236 The Learning Channel HD
HD Plus(Entertainment) 238 WGNHD - Wgn HD
HD Plus(Entertainment) 239 AMC HD
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