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Bundled Package ( Unlimited internet & Long Distance) Cancelled

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We recently signed up with Distributel for their long distance package, to work in conjunction with our current Bell long distance & internet bundle ( Grandfathered with unlimited internet access).
Now when I received my latest Bell bill, imagine my surprise when I discovered that Bell had, without my permission removed the unlimited internet and my monthly usage was way over the new 25 gig limit

At no time did I request Bell remove this bundled package, and after a frustrating 1.5 hrs on the phone with their help desk and manager I was advised that it is not reversible & I am stuck with their new package. I have been promised a call back but I am not holding my breath!!! In his defence he did agree to waiver the overage charge on my previous bill and also on my current bill, but would not reinstate the package.

I have had to add the 120gb "insurance package" to my Bell profile to protect against any additional overage charges. I have contacted CCTS and registered my formal complaint. If Bell can arbitrarily remove this bundled package without my permission, Bell can reinstate it.

Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
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Probably Distributel notified Bell to cancel that the service was switched.
Chances are that is standard procedure. Similar things have happened to me.
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