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Just me or outage in Alberta now?

Edit by 57 - Weather outages can be caused by poor weather over your area, or poor weather over the BTV Uplink facility, located in Toronto. This thread is to track outages that affect the entire country due to weather or other problems at the uplink.

Please see and use the links in post 11 for Toronto radar if you have an outage. Please also report the amount of time that your location was "down".

Outage Dates:

June 27
July 11
July 28
August 15
August 22

If you wish to find other previous similar threads, do a search for "rain snow fade". If your location was down for significantly longer than other people indicate in this thread, then you should consider re-aiming your dish and/or getting a larger dish.

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I hasàd the same issue earlier on...signal was on off. Taught it was the electrical plug where the power inserter is connected that had issue (as I used to have issues with that plug). After plugging the receiver in another plug issue stopped...but now I guess it's just that Bell fixed whathever problem they had!

Did anybody call Bell on this? If so, what was their explanation?

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Anybody know how long Bell was down for yesterday and from what time to what time?


99.99% Signal Availability Year Round, huh?
Does Bell actually advertise 99.9%?

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They do advertize an on-stream time that they do not meet. I read this a while back and just shrugged since it's blatantly false. Here's the link - 1/2 way down the page under "the best HD", which could also be argued is false, depending on how you define "best":

Digital television you can count on - 99.99% signal availability on our satellites year-round

They obviously exceed 53 minutes of outage per year! They have one too many 9s in their advertizing, so they're off by an order of magnitude. My estimate would be that with rain/snow fade for the customer and for BTV's uplink, that the average customer would have roughly 99.9% availability. Someone needs to take BTV up on this false advertizing.

It would help Hugh if someone could post the times that BTV was down yesterday. A search for "rain fade" or "thunderstorm*" would probably find previous similar threads...

Edit - I just reread their statement. Perhaps their satellites are available 99.99% of the time, but due to rain/snow fade the customer and BTV cannot make use of the satellite signal availability.... ;)
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