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Someone posted a modified firmware for the actiontec on the telus forum on dsl reports. Basically the telus firmware removes alot of the features of the unit. The modified firmware unlocks of a bunch of them including bridge mode.

As for me I got lucky and found someone selling an ALU modem on craigslist. It's too bad telus isn't giving them out anymore. I think its the only standalone VDSL modem available for telus.

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The D-Link can be bridged, but not if used for Optik. Only a tech can change this, the interface is locked out for customers and is unavailable. OptikTV must be run in 'routed' mode.

The Actiontec can not be bridged.

Changing the firmware in a TELUS owned Actiontec is a violation of the Terms of Service you agreed to when you took Optik Service.

The firmware in the TELUS Actiontec is there for a reason. There is QoS specific for the Optik service that is not in other firmware.

Changing the TELUS Actiontec for an Actiontec of your own is not an answer either. The ToS is clear. Here is the exact part of the ToS that deals with this. I've highlighted the portion dealing with changes or alterations to equipment in red,

c) Acceptable Use

You may only use the Services at your premises for your own private home viewing. You may not redistribute or publicly display any portion of the Services, or use the Services for any commercial purpose. You may not attempt to circumvent any encryption technique or other copy protection method used to restrict access to programming on the Services. You may not directly or indirectly charge any person for the use of the Services, or re-arrange, disconnect, remove, repair, or otherwise interfere with any TELUS facilities or equipment. You may not use the Services in any way that interferes with the ability of other customers to use services provided by TELUS fairly and proportionately, and TELUS may, at any time, limit the use of any Services in order to prevent such interference. TELUS may require you to change or disconnect any of the facilities or equipment at your premises providing access to the Services if they interfere in any way with the Services or the operation of TELUS’ facilities or equipment.

That's it, and you agreed to it when you accepted the service, whether or not you read the ToS. If you didn't you can read it now here

Knowing your responsibilities is often just as important as knowing your rights.

If you don't have OptikTV, you can request a stand alone modem from TELUS and use your own router. The Actiontec is the ONLY unit now used for Optik, which is why it can't be bridged.

- another TELUS tech

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That is interesting.
I have the Turbo25 VDSL service.
NOT the Optik TV
I have been asking Telus for 2 weeks for a straight modem.
They tell me that they ONLY have these Actiontek V1000H devices.

I too ONLY want a modem, and I would happily pay for a device to do that.

Do you know HOW one may get a modem?

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Bridged mode in the Dlink will only affect STBs. Computers behind a bridged Dlink will still get a private IP.

We do/did have modem-only devices for VDSL2, but we don't really have a need for them, so techs don't carry them on trucks, and they're not the standard for 25 megs so CSRs can't send them out. Looking on craigslist I don't see any for sale, but someone is buying them for $20.

Edit to add: posting location can help, as there might be a tech in your area reading this who has surplus ALUs and wouldn't mind dropping one off.
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