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And everyone misses the point ... this is classic Burke and the media (and the public) fall for it every time. He's done it in Vancouver, Anaheim, and Toronto when needed.

It's a simple tactic: when the team's performance is attracting negative attention, make the story about Brian Burke and the pressure's off the team. The media leaves the team alone on their performance and gets totally pre-occupied with Burke. That's why players in the NHL love playing on a Burke team ... because he's got their back.

Until the media actually stops being played like rube ... he'll continue to do it because it works (for the most part ... probably won't this time as long as Ron Wilson's behind the bench).

In other words, it doesn't matter whether the CBC's fair, they're convenient.
I am late to the party/thread, but this is it.

Classic ploy used by managers. Make the story about them rather than those they are managing.
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