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BB - yes, simply the best. I'd say that the Emmys have zero credibility (mostly based on The Wire getting shafted year after year, and then this year, Edie Falco winning for Best Actress (I'll give her that - she's good), but in a comedy?! Nurse Jackie ==> not a comedy. Closer to a tragedy. i don't think I've ever even snickered during that show. If it is, then Breaking Bad is a comedy as well, because I've laughed my ass off at some of the stuff on that show), but with Cranston and Paul winning this year, and this being Cranston's third win a row, I'll say that they have some credibility.

I was thinking about Mad Men, and if you took that show and put it in a different setting (modern day ad agency), it's just a decent show. People are way too caught up in the "isn't it outrageous that women smoked when pregnant" types of things that are portrayed.
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