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Santa was really good to me this year so decided to go get something i dont really need.

this was the first time i actually went out looking on boxing day. Wanted to get a new 40in LCD. I was going to get a Samsung but decided to stay with Sony (have a 32xbr6). These are actually mostly used as big game monitors. I have a 50in Plasma as main TV and the 32former and 40present are used mostly in mornings as TV

I checked Sony for models and prices in my range. Narrowed the selections down to 3, a HX800, HX701 and a NX710. With the last 2 the more likely to get. Was tough comparing the features especially the NX710 to HX800 (same price for both) main differences being Dynamic Edge lit LED(800,710) CCFL(701)

monolithic design (no frame just one flat piece of glass) 800(no) 710,701(yes)

Frame rates 800=240hz - 710=pro120hz - 701=240

all using the Bravia Engine ver3 (BE3)
800 and 710 3D ready (need to buy transmitter and glasses) 701=no 3D

bottom line. I ended up getting the 40HX800 for a great price. (wont list here but its still up on sony style) and it came with (free) 2-3D glasses and a Transmitter and a 3D BluRay player.

also got the upgrade to a 5y sony warranty (almost never get them but what the hey) if TV breaks in 4.5yrs and they cant fix or replace i get a brand new TV
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