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Both XM Canada and Sirius Canada App's Iphone OS 4 do not work in background

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Both XM Canada and Sirius Canada Iphone OS 4 App's do not work in background. I upgraded my 3GS phone to the new O/S 4.0 software tonight. One of the features is you can listen to third party music while you multi-task, Previously you could only do this with the Ipod feature of the IPhone. After downloading the new software I tested both Sirius Canada and XM Canada's official App and they did not work in the background. I then tried Pocket Tunes and surprisingly that worked for Sirius (I presume XM would work as well). I also tried the Major league baseball App and it also works in the background. Therefore Sirius Canada and XM Canada have some woirk to do to get this fixed. Especially XM which is charging $2.99 a month.
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It's my understanding individual apps need to be upgraded to OS4 standards in order to multi-task. I've kept my eye on the Sirius app, an upgrade has not been offered yet.
Yeah, apps need additional coding work to work on iOS4 for the multi-tasking.
It was announced today (or recently) that they will be updating the Sirius app for backround play.
I'm sure it will come, seems to be the number 1 requested feature. With the iPhone 4 around the corner in Canada could be they're waiting to do a version compatible with that as well.
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