Online reports are calling them ‘creepy’: Google’s ‘reindeer’ that have been released just in time for Christmas.

Seen in this video,

the reindeer pulling Mrs. Claus in her sleigh across the grass are robotic dogs, invented by Boston Dynamics , a maker of advanced robots that is also a branch of Google X-the semi-secret research and development facility created by the giant tech company.

According to a report at, Boston Dynamics first released the robots as the BigDog robot in 2005, with funding help from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, (DARPA).

The creepy part comes in with this. DARPA creates ‘breakthrough technologies for National Security,’ ensuring that Santa will be avoiding any involvement with international piracy and unscrupulous deals this season.

But really, it looks like a simple bit of festive fun on Google’s part, and it has to be seen that the robotic reindeer/dogs are pretty accomplished.

According to Boston Dynamics, the inventions can go up hills and run over rough ground, all while carrying heavy loads. Sounds perfect for Santa.

The reindeer do look a bit headless, and the group has been cut down to just three with no Rudolph, but who says traditions can’t change?

Altas, a humanoid robot, is also one of Boston Dynamics’ current projects , focusing on balance and dynamics.