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Anyone had any experience with these?

I picked up a set (used) the other day that need refoaming for a great price. The oak vinyl wrap in is great shape, as are the grilles. From what I can find out, their specs are:

8 ohms 90db
45Hz-20kHz ±3dB
8" woofer
3½" mid
1" dome tweeter

These are a nicely compact 3-way tower - could be a bit taller IMHO, but I'm guessing the acoustic suspension means they require less volume than a bass reflex tower. Not the lowest extension, but should have a nice tightness to it for music (like most AS speakers).

Wile waiting for the foam to arrive, I was wondering if anyone else has owned, had a listen to, or have any general comments on them? Comparisons to other brands are welcome.
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