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Bodhi Linux 1.0.0 released

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Bodhi is a minimalistic, enlightened, Linux desktop.

It is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and uses the Enlightenment desktop manager.

The lightest desktop manager there is. Beautiful, light yet powerful and fast.

Base build comes loaded with only essentials you need to fulfil most needs.

System requirements are extremely low making it suitable to older machines.
300mhz i386 Processor
128megs of RAM
1.5g HD space

Enlightenment’s modularity makes the most customizable desktop in existence.

A team committed to making Bodhi the Distro you want. Off and On line install assistance for selected apps which have all been tested.

Why are we making Bodhi when there are hundreds of existing Linux distros? Is it redundant? Bodhi sets itself apart from other Linux distros due to it's use of the Enlightenment desktop. Examining all the Linux distros, you will find fewer than a dozen that use Enlightenment.

Why use Bodhi over other "light weight" distros such as LXDE or XFCE? Enlightenment-- It is superbly designed, gorgeous and extremely fast on a wide variety of hardware. Screen shots do not do it justice.
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