Blurb, a San Francisco based company, that provides a print-on-demand publishing service today announced enhanced service for Canadian customers.

Using the company's free book layout software, Canadian consumers can create their very own soft and hardcover books using their own text and images.

To use the service, Consumers design and complete the layout of their book using the Blurb software and then upload the book to the companies servers, after which copies may be ordered for printing and delivery.

Blurb says the books can be produced in a number of different sizes in both hard and soft cover. The price for printing and delivery depends on the size of book, whether its soft or hardcover, the number of pages, type of paper used, whether a dust jacket is required and finally how many copies are ordered.

For example, a square 7 x 7 inch soft cover book with 50 pages will cost $16.95 plus shipping while a large square 12 x 12 inch hardcover with a dust jacket and 250 pages will cost you just under $160.

The user created books take about 7 to 10 business days to be delivered.

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