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Does anyone have the list of stations for this year? Seems to have disappeared off of the Jays website.

I wonder if the Bell Media stations that have had the games in the past will still be carrying them, especially if the stations branded as 'The Team' convert to 'TSN Radio' during the summer.

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I found this reference on
The Toronto Blue Jays own their radio station - CJCL (FAN 590) in Toronto - and share their TV rights between Rogers-owned Sportsnet and CTV's TSN. The Jays' outlying radio network shifts a bit this year: in Hamilton, the team is back on the bigger signal of CHML (900) after some time on CHAM (820), while in Ottawa the new Jays signal is CKBY (Y101.1) out of Smiths Falls

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Yea I saw that over at FYBush which is why the question was posted in the first place, since this year they didn't provide a substantive list of all the affiliates. Further, he is wrong about the TSN part (all games are on Sportsnet this year, no TSN games), which makes me question his source. Hence why I am looking for people to post and say if their local market has it and on what station.

I take it he got the CKBY part right though as that was posted on MMU last week.

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From Their of March 1, 2011

As far as I can tell they are all "Rogers" radio stations.
A few mistakes. 1. The vancouver affiliate is Team 1410 and 2. Not sure of the station, but Montreal has a bunch of games in French.
Y101(Ottawa) only has weeknight games. Hopefully 1310 or Team 1200 will pick up the weekend games.

CKST/Team 1040 Vancouver 1040 AM
CFAC/THE FAN 960 Calgary 960 AM
CJSL Estevan 1280 AM
CJYM Rosetown 1330 AM
CFYM Kindersley 1210 AM
CFSL Weyburn 1190 AM
CKMW Winkler 1570 AM
CHML Hamilton 900 AM
CKGL Kitchener 570 AM
CJBK London 1290 AM
CKAT North Bay 600 AM
CKBY-FM Ottawa 101.1 FM
CJCS Stratford 1240 AM
CJCL/THE FAN 590 Toronto 590 AM
CKNX Wingham 920 AM
CKGM/Team 990 Montreal 990 AM
CKNI-FM Moncton 91.9 FM
CHNI-FM Saint John 88.9 FM
CJNI-FM Halifax 95.7 FM
CKGC-FM Iqaluit 103.5 FM

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Not very likely to see a change in Ottawa. Rogers won't put games on 1310...they're still in the process of building up 1310News, and cutting into their 30 minute 'news wheel' would be a mistake, especially at this point.

Also don't expect games on Team1200 (soon to be known as TSN Radio 1200?)...Bell Media and Rogers have quite a rivalry going...just wait until they bid against each other for the 2014 and 2016 Olympics!

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A note on CHML Hamilton, it is owned by Corus.

Just checked their web site.

I didn't think they were owned by Rogers.. :)


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Calgary has only weekend games and games that start after 6PM local on weeknights (when they visit the Central and West divisions). I wish they would JIP at 6 on weeknights, but Bob McCown and a replay of the day is more important to FAN 960
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