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Please could someone offer advice to a complete novice!
I have a DeskTop Theater DTT2200 5.1 (Cambridge Soundworks) and would like to connect it to a blu-ray player (PANASONIC DMP-BD65EB-K).

The player has:
Integrated Audio Decoder Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD MA
Video Out 1 x HDMI
1 x Component
1 x Composite
Audio Out 1 x optical digital audio out
2 channel analogue audio out

The subwoofer has three input audio jacks in: Front - Rear- Center/Subwoofer

Is it possible, and if so, do I need a splitter or converter of some sort?
Or is the answer a new subwoofer?
Thanks for any help,

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I took a look at a pic of the back panel and did a quick flip through the owner's manual (see pg. 5), and it looks as though the DTT2200 is designed only to accept three sets of stereo inputs (front L+R, rear L+R, center+sub) from a PC sound card.

If your Blu-ray player had multi-channel analogue outputs, you might have been able to connect it to the DTT2200 using three sets of L+R RCA - to - 1/8" stereo cables.

Given that the player doesn't have multi-channel analogue outputs, your options are:
i) A stand-alone converter that will convert optical digital audio to multi-channel audio (if such a thing exists), which you would then connect (as described above) into the DTT2200.
ii) An inexpensive A/V receiver that has pre-outputs, thereby acting as a converter. You could connect your player via optical to the receiver and run the pre-outputs (as described above) to your DTT2200.

(An AVR would give you the option of ditching the DT2200, buying a new sub and running all 5.1 speakers off the AVR.)

A new subwoofer alone won't do you any good: Without the amplifier that's built into the DTT2200, you won't have anything to power the sub or the rest of the speakers.

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Thanks for that, you're advice was exactly right!
Since the message I have taken the plunge and bought a receiver and and a new 5.1 system.
The AVR was an Onkyo TX-SR507, and the 5.1 was the Jamo A102HCS5. I've connected everything along with a Panasonic Blu-ray; an HDTV and an Optoma HD67 projector. I had to run both HDMI and component out from the Blu-ray to the receiver because there is only one HDMI out, which is connected to the projector.
One interesting point, that perhaps you could enlighten me on please?
Everything is working well, the only 'glitch' was that the image on the projector kept on flashing, a sort of coloured negative effect, with the video signal occassionally dissapearing altogether. After a bit of fiddling I found that if I changed the output from the player to 1080i (which meant that the refresh rate also changed to 50Mhz) then the picture was perfect. I was under the impression that the player automatically detected the best res. for the output? But perhaps the AVR negates that? Also does the Component in/out have any effect.
Thanks for any help.
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