Blogger, Google's blogging and online publishing service, which has been unavailable to bloggers since Wednesday night is now functional again.

The news that Blogger was working again came at 1:26 Eastern Time (10:26 PM Pacific), about 20.5 hours after the trouble all began.

In a post on the official Blogger buzz blog, Eddie Kessler, the Tech Lead/Manager for Blogger said users could begin to publish again.

According to Mr. Kessler, during Google's scheduled maintenance work Wednesday night, the company experienced some data corruption which impacted Blogger’s behavior. Since then, many bloggers and readers experienced a variety of problems including intermittent outages, disappearing posts, and arriving at unintended blogs or error pages. A small percentage (Google estimates 0.16%) also encountered additional problems specific to their accounts.

On Thursday, Blogger was returned to a pre-maintenance state and all blogs were placed in a read-only mode while the company worked on restoring content. The version Google rolled back to was as of Wednesday May 11th. Google says it’s now the process of restoring the removed posts and should have everything back to normal soon.

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