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Is it too much? Dump Trump and keep him from overloading your devices.

Sometimes you just wanna look at kittens, pandas, the latest guitars and memes with women drinking wine.

Simple as that.

So, how can you get Donald Trump off your phone or tablet?

First, we’ll start with a broad net. If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, download
Trump[/URL] from the App Store. By using this application and surfing with Safari, you can block all content that mentions Donald Trump from showing up when you search the web.

(photo credit: www.pixabay.com)

It’s pretty useful if you’re reading the news but just don’t really want to see that smug mug today.

As for addressing the Facebook Trump overload dilemma, you’ll need another tool for that.

Trump Blocker is available for use on Chrome. It’s a filter offered by NetLingo that claims to remove references to Donald Trump from webpages, Facebook and YouTube.

It may slow your browser down considerably. That being said, most say it works.


(photo credit: www.pixabay.com)

Another tool available is Remove Donald Trump From Facebook. This filter removes posts that mention ‘Trump’.

Unfortunately, it won’t remove something about Trump that just says ‘Donald’ or ‘President’, or something that only shows his photo, but it will give you less exposure. You should see less on the subject.

Love Republicans and hate Hillary? There’s an answer for you, too. The Hillary Blocker is also available on Chrome.

For more information on how you can filter out American political overload, check out cbsnews.com.