The modern data centre uses as much electricity as a small town to keep pace with today’s digital explosion. Running and cooling the equipment that stores the zettabytes of information we want available all the time, is both challenging and costly.

Knowing that cooling may account for nearly 40 percent of the data centre’s operating cost, BLACKIRON Data teamed up with Emerson to reduce that expense while saving swimming pools worth of water in the process.

Ron Ethier, Vice President, Data Centres and Operations, BLACKIRON Data chose to work with Emerson on the newly launched 50,000-square-foot facility (in Markham, 30 km east of Toronto) because of the new Liebert DSE cooling system, which features an innovative micro-channel cooling coil design, axial fans and communication intelligence to make use of Toronto’s frigid temperatures.

Liebert’s Econophase, a pumped refrigerant economizer, uses cold outside air to cool the refrigerant used in the Liebert DSE system, reducing or eliminating compressor operation without chiller plants and chilled water, prompting the nickname “chiller killer”.

“The Liebert DSE allows us to…leverage Toronto’s cool temperatures for optimum efficiency and energy use without sacrificing performance or disrupting our availability guarantee for customers. Utilizing this new precision cooling technology was one of the key elements to the Toronto data centre successfully achieving Uptime Institute and LEED certifications,” noted Ethier.

Just as important is that the system allows free cooling for about 75 percent of the year, which is a tremendous benefit, adds Ethier.

BLACKIRON, a new division of Primus, established in October 2012, focuses on cloud computing, managed web hosting, disaster recovery, storage and other data centre services.

Ethier says any business can benefit from the suite of services on tap. “The customer can do anything from power and space, where they bring in their own hardware and IT staff, to buying a turnkey solution from us where we function as their IT staff and they focus on their core competencies ..and anything in between.”

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