Blackberry CEO John Chen was in on-hand in Toronto yesterday to officially unveil the company’s new flagship device, the Passport.

While the device’s square design has raised more than a few eyebrows, it seems to be garnering relatively positive reviews. Time will tell if the Passport will be the kind of commercial success that Blackberry is banking on.

With a massive 4.5’’ screen, 1440x1440 pixel HD display, 30 hours of active battery life, not to mention the presence of a touch-enabled QWERTY keyboard, the Passport is definitely being marketed to the business set. Viewing and even modifying documents, spreadsheets and graphs is made much more painless for the “enterprise” user.

With a 13MP rear camera and 1080p video recording capabilities, it’s no slouch on the visual front, either.

The Passport is currently available through Telus for $200 on contract or $700 outright. After October 1, the 2-year contract price will increase to $250.

Beginning October 1, the Passport will be available via other Canadian carriers.

Bell will charge $299.95 on a 2-year term, while Rogers will launch it at $249.99.

Manitoba’s MTS will also release the phone on October 1, with a 2-year contract price of $199.99.

Sasktel has said that they will launch the Passport sometime during the week of October 1, but have yet to announce pricing details.


Source: Blackberry , Mobile Syrup