This week, BlackBerry announced the launch of their new smartphone, the DTEK50, which is now available for pre-orders at .

Described by BlackBerry as "the world’s most secure Android smartphone", the DTEK 50 comes equipped with Android Marshmallow 6.0, and combines BlackBerry’s unique security, privacy and productivity with the full Android experience in an all-touch design.

DTEK50 is BlackBerry’s second smartphone powered by Android, following the PRIV.

“We take our customers’ privacy seriously. That’s why we’re proud to have all the security and privacy functionality that’s built in our newest Android smartphone. DTEK50 merges the unique security and connectivity features BlackBerry is known for with the rich Android ecosystem,” said Ralph Pini, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Devices, BlackBerry. “DTEK50 adds to BlackBerry’s line-up of secure smartphones, providing choices to our customers with different price points on both BlackBerry 10 and Android platforms.”

Why the focus on security? In a recent survey of Android smartphone users, BlackBerry stated that 50 percent of those surveyed believe their smartphone is only somewhat secure, and one in six Android users don’t know about Android security patches.

“With an increase in cybercrime on smartphones, people need to recognize that the private details of their lives – where they live, their bank info, pictures of their kids – are at risk on their personal device. You wouldn’t leave the doors of your house unlocked at night. Having a smartphone that doesn’t take your privacy seriously is the equivalent,” said David Kleidermacher, Chief Security Officer, BlackBerry.

The DTEK50 provides protection by encrypting all users’ information, including business critical data and personal data such as pictures, videos and contacts. Malware protection is also built-in along with back-up, wipe and restore capabilities.

Additional also software provides users with visibility and control over which apps get access to personal info or device features such as the microphone or camera.

BlackBerry says it delivers security patches on the same day that Google publicly releases information about them.

DTEK50 security features include:
  • Rapid Security Patching
  • DTEK™ by BlackBerry App:This feature enables users to automatically monitor their OS and apps to know when their privacy could be at risk. The DTEK app also tracks applications and notifies users when someone is taking pictures or video without their knowledge, turning a phone's microphone on, sending a text message, or accessing contacts or location.
  • Hardware Root of Trust: BlackBerry’s manufacturing process uses a proprietary technique that adds security to allow for the tracking, verification and provisioning of DTEK50.
  • Secure Boot Process: DTEK50’s secure boot chain verifies the next component is fully intact before proceeding, ensuring your device has not been tampered with since the last restart.
  • Android OS hardening: BlackBerry provides additional security patches, improved random number, address space generation and certificate pinning to make it more difficult for attackers to target a device by scrambling application/system memory.
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant Full Disk Encryption: This feature protects private information, like pictures or bank information from being stolen if a phone is lost.

Other key features of the DTEK50 include:
  • Android™ for Work and Google Play™ for Work
  • Full Enterprise Mobility Management Support: DTEK50 supports BlackBerry’s powerful suite of EMM applications and secure productivity solutions, including: WatchDox by BlackBerry for secure file-sharing, Good Work for business-class email and collaboration tools, Strong Authentication by BlackBerry as a VPN solution, SecuSUITE for Enterprise for secure voice and instant messaging communication, BBM Protected for encrypted messaging and BES12 for secure cross-platform management.
  • BlackBerry Intelligent Keyboard
  • BlackBerry Hub: This unified inbox is a tool for consolidating your messages in one place.
  • Expandable Memory

The DTEK50 is now available to pre-order from in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands for $299 USD.

The DTEK50 will be available through Rogers, Bell, TELUS, WIND, Videotron and SaskTel among others in Canada.

For a limited time, customers who pre-order a DTEK50 on will receive a complimentary BlackBerry Mobile Power Pack and a high-capacity portable charger worth $69.99 CDN.

This offer expires on August 8th at 11:59 pm PST.