Today, BlackBerry announced they will be releasing a new OS smartphone year during the winter holiday period, called the Priv. The new release will be a slider phone with a curved screen.

Which contract manufacturer will be making the phone, how will it be distributed and what will the price tag be? These details have not yet been confirmed by the company. CEO John Chen only gave a hint saying,

“We believe the customers will pay very little for the base platform, but they will pay a lot for the applications that run on the platform.”

BlackBerry allegedly did not plan on informing the public of their plans today, but ended up doing so. Chen was quoted in the Globe and Mail as stating, “The reason why I jumped the gun today is because it’s leaking everywhere…Unfortunately it leaked, so I think its best I let everybody know.”

The announcement came as BlackBerry reported $51-million (U.S.) of net income for the three months ended August 29, which was an improvement on the net loss of $207-million a year ago, but it fell short of adjusted expectations with a posted loss of $66-million or 13 cents per share –a larger loss than the nine cents per share that had been estimated.

Mr. Chen says BB10, BlackBerry’s current software and the new android are similar enough that many of the drivers for the chipset don’t need to be redone. “All I need to do is concentrate on the security features,” he says.

BlackBerrt has been hinting at the release of a new Android phone since March of this year.