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I have a BlackBerry 9360 that seems to have randomly and inexplicably developed an issue with its trackpad. In a nutshell, the trackpad no longer functions normally without having to press either the Alt key or aA key in order to get it to navigate properly on the home screen or in some of the various menus and sub-menus. This device was not subjected to any type of dropping, water damage or any other type of abuse. (It's been in an Otterbox case since the day it was purchased.)

I have tried searching everywhere for fixes for this problem and have tried all of those that were applicable (battery pull, OS re-install, OS downgrade, booting in safe mode, checking all the keys to see if they were accidentally stuck, etc.) with the exception of physically taking it apart which I would prefer not to do.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a solution to it? This is driving me crazy and the device is now out of warranty so a swap isn't an option. The device is in excellent condition and serves my needs just fine and I'd really like to get it back to functioning as it normally did.

As always, any and all help, suggestions and advice are sincerely appreciated.
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