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This is really just a little humor I made up to lighten up this particular forum which does not seem to have many readers anymore so if this post is deleted by a moderator for being funny and not on topic I do not care I hope not though as it really should offend no one as it is meant to be simply pure high tech fantasy humour :rolleyes:

In a distant galaxy far far away the MicrosEmperor (Ballmer the First) is in battle with the Open Source rebellion defended by Linus the Penquin Walker and OSS enthusiasts all over the known galaxy.

All is not well as the latest UEFI Death Bios has become fully operational in all the stores and the last vestiges of the Republic of Open Computer Users is in a desperate fight to save itself from complete domination by the closed side of the source dominated by the MicrosEmporer

Scene opens;

The MicrosEmperor: "No one will use Open Source if they actually have to learn something new about computer bios settings!"

The emperor scowls then smiles an evil grin

"If you insist on turning off UEFI, you will be destroyed!


The MicrosEmperor: "Young fool... Only now, at the end, do you understand...the power of the closed side of the source!"


The MicrosEmperor: "Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Closed Side of the Source. Did you really think I would actually allow you and your friends to work with any MicroSWindows machine you choose?"


The MicrosEmperor: Now, you will pay the price for your lack of vision about what UEFI and closed source bios really are!


The MicrosEmperor: AND now young Penguin Walker... you and your friends will all die!


Penguin Walker: FATHER father faaaaather....

Darth the Dual Booter suddenly jumps into action flips off the UEFI switch re-enables legacy optical drives at boot changes the boot sequence and the MicrosEmperor is finally defeated!

Stay tuned for the exciting next episode 9 "The Revenge of the MicrosWindows Arm Tablets and Laptops"
Now that MicroSWindos is fully armed and dangerous.
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