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Bill Good & Pamela Martin Leave CTV British Columbia!

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The duo announced today that they are quitting CTV British Columbia. Bill wants to focus on his Radio show and Pamela wants to do her "Volunteering".

This came as no shock to me since CTV BC has faced a long struggle to get ratings and really cannot compete with Global BC.

Does anyone think this is a move by execs. to slowly phase out the news as they did with the morning show out of Vancouver?
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Their replacement will be announced tomorrow (Wednesday). You used the word "quit" which isn't what I've heard is happening - they'll be leaving some time around New Years. Did you hear a rumour?

Both are such well known broadcast personalities in BC that they will be able to do whatever they want, so Bill will now focus on just his radio talk show while Pamela intends to increase her public appearances and I'm sure would still be interested in a news gig if one came up for her on one of the locals.
I suspect they'll bump Coleen Christie to the six o'clock news and look for someone to co-anchor with her. My first guess would be Mike Killeen, but think they might try and talk Kevin Newman into it? Or, maybe even try and convince Russ Froese into coming back to a six o'clock news show?
Bell buys CTV and BC anchors leave. As Ken O'Leary says..."It's all about the moneeeeeeeeeey!":)

Concentrate on a radio show etc. This stuff means only one thing. Downsizing the news. The wages in the East are lower than Alberta and BC so Bell is doing what most Eastern HO do. Ruining the Western product.
yeah CTV probably just did not want to pay there huge salary's anymore
I think Kevin would be out of the question since he is working for Shaw Media producing documentaries, plus he wanted more family time. Bell probably would never agree to pay a salary to Kevin!

@stampeder, I didn't here a rumor, just straight facts. There contracts were not renewed, Bell refuses to pay there salaries they want because they have been on the network for years but have failed to deliver on viewership plus they are both too old. In the news biz it is all about the ratings and market share. furthermore, CTV had a difficult time selling ad space because of poor ratings, naturally Global TV would get all the ads. In this day and age of cuts it comes as no surprise. Broadcasters don't want old anchors anymore. It's all about going young because they can get better returns. Remember Tony Parsons? He was pushed out of Global TV to make way for much younger Chris Gaillus. It's just all money.
That's the kind of info I was hoping to find but had not seen in the press. It is true that BCTV (drats, I mean Global) still owns the supper time news slot, so there's not much to be said about this change at CTV, I guess.

Hey, how about Raif Mair for anchor?! :D LOL :D
Instead of hiring the talentless away from BCTV (as it was then) and pairing her with Bill good in an attempt to add some gravitas, what they should have done was put Ravi Baichwal and Coleen Christie at six o'clock five years ago. Maybe Baichwal would have stayed and I suspect they would have done significantly better ratings-wise.
Industry Source say ...

... apparently Mike Killeen and Tamara Taggart. Killeen is a great choice, but Tamara Taggart?

Now official:
Stunt Casting for Ratings

Yep, just saw the official announcement, but every time Tamara comes back from having a baby she gets pregnant again! :D

Mike Killeen is a good choice, and he'll add the "gravitas" to the pair with Tamara Taggart handling the lighter-weight stuff.

This was a "stunt casting ploy for ratings" type of decision. Had it been based on journalism in an attractive feminine package Keri Adams or Mi-Jung Lee would have been great. Renu Bakshi left broadcasting for family reasons but she would have been terrific.
stampeder "This was a "stunt casting ploy for ratings" type of decision. Had it been based on journalism in an attractive feminine package Keri Adams or Mi-Jung Lee would have been great. Renu Bakshi left broadcasting for family reasons but she would have been terrific."

My thoughts, exactly! I'm glad they didn't go with Coleen Christie as she can't seem to go much more than a minute without stumbling or misreading a word. She has a very nice personality but that doesn't cut it when you are anchoring a major news slot. If Tamara could refrain from engaging in too much silly banter, she should do o.k.IMHO
How can anyone take Tamara Taggert seriously beyond the pretty face???
hmm... interesting move by CTV. I remember Tamara had a show on HGTV Canada, but I don't think it did too well with the ratings.
IMHO Tammara can't be taken seriously.
Another addition will be Michael Kuss as the new weather person. Kuss was formerly with CityTv, Global and the weather network. Seems to be a lot of movement lately in the television musical chairs game.

They're now going to have a much 'younger' look to CTV News. It's better either ways. I cannot tolerate watching Global BC with all those old folks anyways. :mad:
They had a farewell segment on today's News At 6 showing some old footage. Wow, Pam and Bill really looked different a decade ago! Funny enough neither of the News-At-6 successors was able to make the segment today!
Yeah, I had the same thoughts. Was expecting to see Tamara and Mike so that Bill and Pamela could pass on 'the torch'.
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