It has now been six years since cable telephony first launched in this country and the number of Canadians receiving cable telephone service from Canada's big four cable companies - Rogers, Shaw, Vidéotron and Cogeco - is now over 3.6 million subscribers.

By comparison, Canada’s traditional telecommunication giants – BCE and Telus – have just under 13 million subscribers.

Using numbers published in the respective company’s most recent financial results, Digital Home has calculated that the big four cable providers now have 3,633,711 cable telephone customers up over 10% from the same time a year earlier.

Since Videotron and Rogers recent fiscal quarters ended December 31, 2010 and the Cogeco and Shaw fiscal quarters ended November 30th, the numbers are not specific to one date but they still manage to convey the strong demand for cable telephone service.

By comparing the same fiscal quarters, Digital Home calculates the big four cable companies have added about 384,000 digital telephone subscribers in the last 12 months. That works out to more than 31,000 new subscribers a month. While still growing the number of new subscribers per month is falling. In the previous twelve months the number of new subscribers across all four cable companies grew at an average of about 47,500 subscribers per month.

In the first five years after Cable telephony began rolling out in Canada Rogers and Videotron were the market leaders in terms of number of subscribers, however, in the last year, Shaw Cable has pulled out in front. Shaw is now the market leader with 1.15 million digital phone customers. Almost one-half of all Shaw basic cable subscribers now use Shaw for telephone services.

The following are the most recent cable telephone subscriber counts for the big four cable companies (All subscriber counts have been sourced from the respective company’s most recent financial statements):
  1. Shaw - 1,146,148
  2. Videotron - 1,109,100
  3. Rogers - 1,003,000
  4. Cogeco - 375,463

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