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From style to fitness and safety, wearables for women offer something different.

Anything that can be worn by a man is good enough for a woman, but sometimes special features can make a difference.

Tech fashions are adding new options for consumers every day. Here are some of the top wearables recommended for women in 2017:

Fitness Trackers


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It doesn’t really matter if your male or female and wearing a Fitbit or a Garmin Vivofit. Women get a few extra perks with the Bellabeat Leaf though, which can track a female’s stress levels and menstrual cycle. It also offers advice on how to become more active, and teaches breathing exercises to slow the mind.

The Up2 by Jawbone is also made with female customers in mind. It does the regular tasks of a fitness tracker plus monitors mood, as well as food and drink intake.

As a personal critique, honestly I can think of more than a few men who could use a mood tracker and it kind of hurts that this is something tech developers think is unique to women’s needs, but the style of the Up2 could balance this out- it’s quite nice to look at and definitely feminine.



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Personal safety is a problem that women grapple with more than men, on a daily basis. Women's smaller stature makes this sad, but true. The answer? A stylish wearable that can help to pull you out of a sticky situation, by alerting friends and family that you’re in distress.

Onee is a connected bracelet that wearers can tap once to check in with a friend and twice to indicate a need for help. You can connect to your friend’s bracelet via an app, and can easily change to sync with someone else, throughout the day. A strong vibration sends the signal that help is needed.

And there’s more. If you’re tapping your friend but she’s not tapping back, you can use the Onee app to locate her on a map, as long as she’s wearing her band.

The bracelet is due to ship in spring of 2017 and taking pre-orders now. It's running at $80 a piece,

Safelet is another wearable safety bracelet that does the same thing, and goes one step further by syncing with the wearer’s smart phone to start recording audio if things get really dicey.

Smart Jewelry


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The Ringly smart ring acts to keep the wearer connected to their smartphone. It sends alerts using applications installed on the phone.

Wristify offers a solution for the woman who is always cold… and then hot…and then freezing cold again.

It’s a thermoelectric bracelet that cools down or warms up the wrist, helping to balance out the wearer’s body temperature. A blanket and a cold drink can do the same, but if you're always out and about, this can at least to ease the pain.

Misfit Bloom is a fitness tracker in the form of a necklace. So if bands aren't for you, check it out. It tracks “walking, running, sleeping, swimming, cycling, tennis, and more” and syncs with the Misfit Shine App on iOS or Android allowing users to see steps, calories, and distance covered.

For more information on women and wearbables check out fitnesstracker24.com - they’ve got a great list.