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Best way to cancel Shaw?

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Hi all,

I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for Telus Optik. I am transferring my phone, tv, and internet from Shaw. My install date is October 8.

I am currently paid up to October 7 with Shaw. Telus told me I could cancel my tv and internet with Shaw in advance but not the phone. It seems that if I cancel with Shaw now then it should be pretty seamless for the switch to telus.

The problem is that if I cancel the phone after October 7 I think I have to pay for a whole other month with Shaw. Or will Shaw only bill me for a couple of days for the phone?

Telus also said they will cancel the services for me when they install my service if I want (I have to sign something). Is there any benefit to this?

Any advice will be appreciated! I just don't want to give Shaw any more money than I have to!
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When we cancelled our Shaw a couple years ago, Shaw made it incredibly difficult to do so easily. Aside from having to go through several transfers on the call, the day of cancellation we received an automated call that Shaw would be coming to do an installation. Knowing this was incorrect I called them, and was told that they were sending a "courtesy tech" to "ensure Telus' wiring is correct" and they were "providing this free" for us.

(The day before when we had our Telus TV installed the installer (a friend's husband) told my husband that he'd heard of Shaw doing some crazy things, messing with Telus' wiring and such, and that we shouldn't let them in if they showed up. We thought it sounded a bit ridiculous, but sure enough, they called to come over afterwards.)

Thanks to the tech's warning I argued against a visit. The Shaw cs even told me they would come and check my wiring even if I didn't let them in, that they had access to the wiring room, etc...most bizarre. For about 2 weeks afterwards we'd have Shaw business cards pushed under our door (we're in a highrise condo), and handwritten notes to call a tech's phone number for a free re-install with Shaw "I'm always around - call me", all which made us a bit nervous and somewhat angry.

As a bonus Shaw had sent us a digital box right before we cancelled (we hadn't ordered it) and we had them take it back (their tech picked it up); a month after the pick-up (which was a week after our service ended) we received a bill for the equipment. We called, but they denied picking it up. My husband had insisted on a receipt from the picking-up tech, and even faxed it to them, but still they insisted they'd not received it. We then started receiving collection calls, and contacted the Better Business Bureau over it; they sent back a letter a month later saying Shaw refused to respond to their inquiries.

Two months of constant collection calls, us calling Shaw over and over, and finally I reached a cs who manually looked into the files and found their copy of the reciept. Finally they credited the account and closed it. Over a year later we received an apology letter from Shaw.

To this day we receive personalized letters from Shaw monthly with ridiculously cheap packages being offered. They won't stop sending them.

Bottom line: if you're cancelling your Shaw service, make sure you get receipts for anything you give back to them (even if they say you don't need paperwork - thank goodness we'd insisted), and if they want to come 'check out' Telus' wiring, say no. Emphatically.
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Summit, make sure you get a receipt when they pick up the box; my husband had created a receipt (basically a small letter for the Shaw guy to sign), and when the guy said we didn't need a receipt my husband pulled out the letter to sign. That's when the Shaw guy went down and got a receipt book and came back to give one before my husband gave him the box. Call it a gut feeling, but man, can't imagine what we'd have done without the receipt (hard enough even with one!).

And when they come to get it, I strongly advise you to not let the Shaw guy look at any of your wiring or your set-up.
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