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Best way to cancel Shaw?

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Hi all,

I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for Telus Optik. I am transferring my phone, tv, and internet from Shaw. My install date is October 8.

I am currently paid up to October 7 with Shaw. Telus told me I could cancel my tv and internet with Shaw in advance but not the phone. It seems that if I cancel with Shaw now then it should be pretty seamless for the switch to telus.

The problem is that if I cancel the phone after October 7 I think I have to pay for a whole other month with Shaw. Or will Shaw only bill me for a couple of days for the phone?

Telus also said they will cancel the services for me when they install my service if I want (I have to sign something). Is there any benefit to this?

Any advice will be appreciated! I just don't want to give Shaw any more money than I have to!
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The day that I had my Optik TV installed, I called and cancelled my Shaw cable. I had just paid them a month in advance a couple of days earlier. The guy I spoke with said they require 10 days notice but I would be getting a refund for the difference.....I'll believe it when I have the cheque in my hand.

Just a warning though.....I had one hell of a time trying to cancel with Shaw. They really don't make it easy and they will do everything to talk you out of least that was my experience.

Oh ya, I just noticed last night that Telus added about 4 new channels. With Shaw it seemed like they were always cancelling channels. I've been on Optik TV for almost 2 weeks now and I'm still happy with it.
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