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Best way to cancel Shaw?

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Hi all,

I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for Telus Optik. I am transferring my phone, tv, and internet from Shaw. My install date is October 8.

I am currently paid up to October 7 with Shaw. Telus told me I could cancel my tv and internet with Shaw in advance but not the phone. It seems that if I cancel with Shaw now then it should be pretty seamless for the switch to telus.

The problem is that if I cancel the phone after October 7 I think I have to pay for a whole other month with Shaw. Or will Shaw only bill me for a couple of days for the phone?

Telus also said they will cancel the services for me when they install my service if I want (I have to sign something). Is there any benefit to this?

Any advice will be appreciated! I just don't want to give Shaw any more money than I have to!
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After service from Shaw since 1972 and since disconnecting service I have not heard a peep out from them either to thank me for my ahem! "loyalty" over the years or to ask me why I left them.
I did mention to the person at Shaw I was leaving the country when I gave them the months notice.
Maybe this had a bearing on their non-response but I doubt it.
You're lucky! I can't get them to stop sending promos addressed to Current Occupant at one of my properties. Its wasteful and I've asked to be removed from their lists, but the adverts keep appearing sometimes as often as once a week.
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