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I am a user since May so I familiar with using the service along with an ATA. Despite this, some of my questions below are pretty basic, sorry!
I volunteer with a sports club which currently pays for a Bell phone line used to record a weekly message that members can call in and listen to. They can also leave voice messages which are retrieved by a volunteer.

I am thinking that significant cost savings can be had by switching to I am wondering if the following setup would work or if anyone has any other better/cheaper suggestions:

- Sign up for a account and port the phone number, which we want to retain.
- Do not buy any hardware or get a softphone since there is no need to answer incoming calls or make outgoing calls on this line
- Filter all incoming calls directly to voicemail
- Have voicemail messages emailed to volunteer who can return calls using their own phone line
Question: I cannot recall how voicemail greetings get set up on…I thought I dialed *97 for my own DID and recorded it that way, but there will be no physical phone on this new line, so how does greeting get recorded? Will need to be changed weekly.

Does the above setup seem logical?

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How do I spend my lunch break at work? Checking out the Digital Forum :rolleyes:

Hi, plg_cp. No need for an apology - you ask good questions and in fact your idea is one of my favourite uses for VoIP. You're correct that you won't need any hardware or software - just your computer for the initial setup and periodic loading of funds into your account.

As for recording your voicemail greeting, you can do this from another phone by dialing your number, waiting for your greeting to start playing, and pressing the * key. Then you enter your mailbox number and password and you may record your greeting as you would normally.

Some notes: I would recommend using the Chicago server. The Canadian servers have been having sporadic DID issues lately and I'm not sure if they're resolved yet. You should also set the option "Automatically delete from mailbox after emailing attachment".

Good luck!

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